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jamie-oliver-pesto-rangeHow many times have we all visited the store and bought a celebrity endorsed product without checking the ingredients label?

Surely good ol’ Jamie Oliver would not whack his honesty smile and endorsement signature on a dodgy product, right?

green natural and bio sign

We’re constantly bombarded with brightly-colored packages promising “healthy” or “99% fat free” that it’s easy to get sucked into the hype.

The unfortunate truth is most companies out don’t really care about what artificial nonsense they are injecting into your food, just as long as their product has an abnormally long shelf life to bump up their profit margins.

I can’t stress enough how crucial it is to look past the pretentious promises and thoroughly check out the nutrition and ingredient pane on the back. It takes five seconds but might just save you from ingesting a hearty dose of preservatives, all the colors of the rainbow…

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New Job


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Hello to all my friends,

I would like to apologize in advance for not visiting your blogs quite as often as I used to.  I got a new job last week working as a Nutritionist at a Health Food Store.

I have been looking for a job for quite some time and I am thrilled to be finally back in the game.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me while I was going through some not so good times. 

The store owner I work for is nothing short of wonderful!  She treats me as her equal and not as her employee.  She greatly values my knowledge on nutrition and health and we make a great team.  I really enjoy interacting with customers and suggesting supplements and healthy choices.

I can finally share my passion with people and she will even let me bake my own gluten free cookies to sell at the store.  How cool is that?

I will do my best to check out your blogs as I love every single one of them.  Thanks for understanding.

xo Éva

Guest Blogger D-Anna of Stylesalvation


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Please welcome my fellow blogger D-Anna of Stylesalvation.  I was excited to have her guest post on my site.  She is a model and Style Enthusiast.  Her blog is full of great fashion tips and more.  Please check out her post below.  I was always curious about her eating and workout habits as she must stay in shape as a model and she looks fantastic!

Enjoy :)


Thanks to the lovely Eva of “Healthy Glow Nutrition” for asking me to do this Guest Blog!

I am D-Anna, A model and style blogger.


Model Profile:

Being a model I must stay fit. I do this through a regular exercise regimen and eating healthy…especially on the go.

I will start with my eating habits. I am not on a strict diet nor am I calorie counting but  I do like to eat small meals throughout the day. I dine about 5 times a day which are small portions or half orders on Restaurant menu’s.  The regular orders are just too large and for me these are the perfect meal size. I also always bring water and protein bars with me everywhere (usually stashed in my large purse) just in case I get the urge to buy junk food. I like the Atkins bars  .I also like healthy snacks like fruit, nuts and yogurt.

I also take vitamins! I take a Multivitamin to make sure I get all my nutrients. Biotin for healthy skin, nails and hair. If I am traveling I will take zinc once a day also to give my immune system a boost just to make sure I don’t get sick with the weather changes….Keeping that healthy glow!

















I also exercise regularly and with Spring on its way it is great time to get moving! I favor work outs I can do in my home or hotel. Once in a while I will hit the gym but I really like work out videos. One of my faves is the P90X workout especially the Ab ripper X.   These routines are super quick and really will help you get your best beach body ever!  Another one of my favorite ways to stay in shape is super fun dance workouts!  I really like Zumba. Join the party, get in shape and learn new dance moves.
















Have a Healthy Day!



4 Ingredient Almond Butter Cookies


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This healthy and simple recipe is from my friend Brandi of The Healthy Flavor.  I have changed some of the ingredients to use what I had on hand and the results were super yummy (not to mention super quick) if you have a crazy craving like I did today, these are PERFECT!

Please check out her recipe for full instructions and ingredients via the link below.  She has some really great photos unlike mine :)

PREHEAT Oven to 375F

Here is what I used:

1 cup almond flour

1/2 homemade almond butter

2 tbsp of molasses (I ran out of maple syrup and honey, shameful ! :(

coconut sugar to roll cookies in prior to baking

What I did:

Mix top 3 ingredients together,  then using your hands, make equal sized balls (mine made about 10-11)

Roll in coconut sugar and place on baking sheet.



Bake at 375F for about 10 minutes or until golden brown at the sides.

Let cool and enjoy :)

End result

End result



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